Importing Excel 2007 files

The Excel 2007 filter for Calc is still on its way, but perhaps now is a good time to show the progress of this new Excel 2007 import filter work by Daniel Rentz and myself.

Here is a screenshot of a file created by Excel 2007 (left), and one for the same file opened in Calc (right).

Excel 2007 screenshot Excel 2007 file opened in Calc

There are still a lot to be done, however. Formula import is still to be completed, which blocks other features that rely on the formula parser. Charts, text boxes, and other graphic objects are still not imported yet. There is also a performance issue of a large xlsx file import, which needs to be addressed at some point.

But all in all, things are coming along very nicely.

8 thoughts on “Importing Excel 2007 files”

  1. Kami:

    >Is this an other work than described her

    No, it’s the same effort. This is a Novell-Sun joint effort, so there is no duplication of effort here. :-)

    >How much work required to make it feature complete?

    Tough question. We’re hoping to have something usable sooner rather than later, but it’s hard to give you an estimate. I’d say in a few months, but it’s subject to change.

    >Can this import filer be better than binary filters?

    In theory yes, simply because more records are documented than those for the binary filter. But since a lot of logic is shared between xlsx and binary xls file formats, an improvement in the xlsx filter will likely result in an improvement in the binary filter too.

    >Are you planning export filter too?

    We (Novell) are, yes. But that will be Novell’s solo effort, since Sun is not interested in providing an export filter for it.

    >I reach the current source of this filter? at ooo-build or at ooo CWS?

    The current source for this filter is in xmlfilter02 CWS. It’s not in ooo-build yet, but it will be at some point.


    >Is this planned for 2.3?

    I’d say no. We’ll still need at least a month, or possibly more, to make this filter usable. So, probably not for 2.3. There is still a lot of work to be done.

  2. Sun folks would know for sure for the upstream scheduling. I don’t know much about that since I don’t follow our release schedule too closely. I live in the developers builds day by day.

    That said, since 2.4 is by the end of the year, I would think that it should be ready by 2.4.

  3. months later…is this filter done? I have star office but can’t open the new excel files. I already had the trial of office installed, so I can’t install the trail again to covert them. guess I have to buy it. so much for saving money with star office.

  4. max:

    Yeah I got side-tracked, and have not been able to work on this for a while. I’ll get back to this once I finish two more things I need to get done.

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