Hack Week: Helping make OO.o’s dialog resizable

So, this is day one for Novell’s Hack Week. This week, we, Novell hackers, are allowed to work on whatever project we like. And I chose to work on making VCL dialog resizable.

Michael Meeks already did the ground work, and all I’m trying to do is to do what I can in one week to expand on his work. This is also one of on-going GSoC tasks, so I’m also co-ordinating with the student who’s been assigned to work on this (his name is Ricardo Cruz) so that we won’t step on each other’s toes.

Here is what I did today. I added a wrapper code for a list box control so that I can actually use it in my resizable dialog and add items to it. Let’s show some screenshots here.

OO.o resizable dialog demo (small)

OO.o resizable dialog demo (large)

I posted two shots of the same, but differently-sized dialog just to show that it’s resizable. Pretty cool, huh? :-)

Oh, BTW, since I’m away from my normal business this week, I won’t be working on the OOXML filter. I’ll be back on my regular schedule on next Monday.