Key binding compatibility options (take 2)

This post is a sequel to this previous post, so refer to that post for the detail of what I’ve been working on.

Anyway, I have settled with the following Compatibility option page:


which should be just adequate for what it needs to do without being too annoying.

Also, just for the matter of documenting its behavior, the following chart shows what actions are associated with what key bindings for the two key binding types (Default and legacy):

Key Binding Default legacy
Backspace delete contents delete
Delete delete delete contents
Ctrl-D fill down data select
Shift-Ctrl-D data select

where the actions are

  • delete contents – launch the delete contents dialog.
  • delete – immediately delete the cell content, without the dialog.
  • fill down – fill cell content downward within selection.
  • data select – launch the selection list dialog.

Note that all the other key bindings are left untouched. Also, the list of key bindings that can get reset by this functionality may grow in future releases.

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