mdds 0.7.0 released

I’m once again very happy to announce that version 0.7.0 of Multi-Dimensional Data Structure (mdds) is released and is available at the link below:

All changes that went into this version since 0.6.1 are related to multi_type_vector. The highlights of the changes are:

  1. setter methods (set, set_empty, insert, and insert_empty) now return an iterator that references the block where the values are set or inserted,
  2. each of the above-referenced methods now have a variant that takes a position hint iterator for faster insertion, and
  3. several critical bug fixes.

There are no API-incompatible changes since 0.6.1. If you currently use version 0.6.1 and use multi_type_vector, you should upgrade to 0.7.0 as it contains several important bug fixes.

Slides for my talks at OSC Tokyo 2013

I’ve just uploaded the slides for the two short talks I did at Open Source Conference (OSC) Tokyo.

The first one is the brief talk I did after the OSS Contributor Award ceremony on Friday.

Lightning Talk

This is saved as a hybrid PDF; you can view it in your regular PDF viewer (such as Evince and Adobe PDF viewer), or you can open it in Impress to edit it as a normal Impress document. Use this one in case you need it as a pure Impress document.

And the second one is for the talk I did during the LibreOffice mini-Conference on Saturday.

LibreOffice Kaihatsu Q&A

Like the 1st one, this one is also a hybrid PDF. The regular odp version is available here.

I will write more about OSC Tokyo and especially about the LibreOffice mini-Conference in a separate blog. Stay tuned.