mdds 0.12.1

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I’m happy to announce that mdds 0.12.1 is now out. You can download it from the project’s README page.

There are primarily two major changes from the previous release of 0.12.0 as explained below.


One is that multi_type_vector now has a new static method advance_position to increment or decrement the logical position of a position_type object by an arbitrary distance.

static position_type advance_position(const position_type& pos, int steps);

The implementation of this method has been contributed by Markus Mohrhard.


Another major change in this release is with flat_segment_tree. Previously, flat_segment_tree had an unintentional constraint that the value_type must be of numeric type. In this release, that constraint has been officially lifted so that the user of this data structure can now store values of arbitrary types with this data structure. The credit goes to David Tardon for adding this nice improvement.

Other than that, there are no other changes from 0.12.0.

mdds on GitLab

Incidentally, the mdds project now has a new home at The new URL for the project page is now

If you need to include a project URL, be sure to use the new one.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen!