Boost fix

I’ve finally tracked down the problem of my solver not solving ANY models after having been integrated into ooo-build. It was due to Boost uBlas’s matrix resize function not preserving element values when resized. In my development environment (FC4) I use Boost 1.32.0 which resizes matrix gracefuly with all the unaffected elements’ values preserved unless the caller chooses otherwise. Somehow, this feature was introduced sometime between the version included in OO.o as of SRC680m148 (1.30.2) and the version I use on my system, and the version in OO.o does NOT preserve unaffected elements’ values when the matrix is resized.

Anyway, I’m very glad to finally have nailed this one down as I had spent a few days just for this alone! Now, I’ve finally sent off a patch to Michael. This patch also fixes a couple of other minor breakages occurred during the integration (wrt. string handling and compiler warning).

BTW, It’s very interesting to see that even a simple thing like a change log has a standard format. I never knew that, obviously.