New document status image in the status bar

I’ve just checked in the new icon set for the document status indicator from Paulo José. Here is a side-by-side screenshot of what the new icons look like.


The above is what it looks like when the document is unmodified. It’s a bit faded with translucency effect which is intentional. The one below is when the document is modified. The new images look very refined and are more in line with the application icon that we use for LibreOffice. Good work Paulo! :-)

Now, he has created another icon to show immediately after the document is saved, before it becomes the faded icon again after a few seconds. But that effect has yet to be implemented. If you are interested in taking on this task, drop us a note. It’s listed on the Easy Hacks page.

And let’s not forget to say that 3.4 will have these two brand-new icons.