New document status image in the status bar

I’ve just checked in the new icon set for the document status indicator from Paulo José. Here is a side-by-side screenshot of what the new icons look like.


The above is what it looks like when the document is unmodified. It’s a bit faded with translucency effect which is intentional. The one below is when the document is modified. The new images look very refined and are more in line with the application icon that we use for LibreOffice. Good work Paulo! :-)

Now, he has created another icon to show immediately after the document is saved, before it becomes the faded icon again after a few seconds. But that effect has yet to be implemented. If you are interested in taking on this task, drop us a note. It’s listed on the Easy Hacks page.

And let’s not forget to say that 3.4 will have these two brand-new icons.

3 thoughts on “New document status image in the status bar”

  1. Hi,
    isn’t this icon just redundant – the Save icon in the main toolbar is either active (document is changed) or greyed out (document is not changed and cannot be saved). So I guess this icon just duplicates the same info.

    Besides, could a click on a document-changed icon be interpreted as a “save document” command?
    Lp, m.

  2. I agree with Martin. But this icon’s not the only one. The “search” function also has this problem. There’s a symbol for it in the toolbar, however we also get the quick search-feature in the top right corner.

    The zoom-feature is in the bottom right corner, however, there’s also a button for it in the toolbar.

    I guess it’s too late to remove some icons for 3.4?

  3. No, this is not redundant. The save icon can be configured to be always enabled which will be the default in the future. This is the reason why we needed to add a replacement status indicator to take its place.

    FYI the save icon was never intended to be used as an indicator for document modification, and disabling the save action when the content has not changed poses a usability issue. If you are using it for that purpose, then I advise you to start using this status indicator in the status bar, since that unintended “feature” of the save icon will likely go away in future releases.

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