Thank you Google, once again!

I just received a nice gift of a free T-shirt from Google
for participating in 2009 Google Summer of Code event as a mentor. Thank you Google, for this good-looking T-shirt! I still have the one I got from 2 years ago, you know. :-)

It came in by FedEx, and the funny thing is, when the carrier left my T-shirt at the front door of my house, I received an email notification quicker than I noticed anyone leaving the package at the door. I understand that the world is becoming more and more “connected”, but I never expected the world being “connected” this much!

Anyway, I know that the Google Summer of Code is all about the students writing cool code and all, and the mentors are there to enable them to their full potential. But it’s nice to receive some recognition for the hard-working mentors as well.