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Key binding compatibility options (take 2)

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This post is a sequel to this previous post, so refer to that post for the detail of what I’ve been working on. Anyway, I have settled with the following Compatibility option page: which should be just adequate for what … Continue reading

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mdds 0.3.1

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I’m happy to announce the release of version 0.3.1 of the Multi-Dimensional Data Structure (mdds). This is a bug fix release, and contains no major changes from the previous version (0.3.0). The highlights of this release are: use of autoconf … Continue reading

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Key binding compatibility options

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As I posted on the libreoffice development list, I’m currently working on adding a new option page in the Options dialog, to provide a quick way to switch key bindings between LibreOffice’s default and’s for Calc. For the most … Continue reading

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