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It’s text when it’s quoted, stupid!

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Ok. This is another one I just checked into ooo-build trunk. It’s actually a very minor enhancement, but some people may find this useful. What I did is to modify Calc’s csv import filter to provide the users an option … Continue reading

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ike-scan available from Build Service (and how I built my first RPM package)

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ike-scan is now available for openSUSE from my personal repository on openSUSE Build Service. I decided to provide a package for this network security tool because my wife needed it for her job, and had asked me why no one … Continue reading

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Separate your stuff!

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So, here is another new thing in ooo-build trunk that I just checked in. This may be particularly of interest to users in English-speaking countries. This new option page named Formula lets you configure separators in your formula expressions. This … Continue reading

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Hiding data from chart

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Here is something new in ooo-build trunk. You can now hide arbitrary data points in chart if their source cells are hidden in a spreadsheet document. Here is the proof: There is now a new check box in the Data … Continue reading

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