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Update on scsolver

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I’ve made several updates on scsolver that I think is worth mentioning. First, I’ve finally put an option to solve to a specific value in addition to the minimize and maximize options. But this only works for linear programming models. … Continue reading

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scsolver code documentation

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Inspired by the on-line OOo code documentation that Thorsten put together, I have decided to do the same for my humble scsolver project. I’m pleasantly surprised how good of class diagram that doxygen generates with GraphViz, since the last time … Continue reading

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Calc Solver moved to Google Code

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I’ve moved the repository for my Calc Solver project out of ooo-build to Google Code. The new project home is http://code.google.com/p/scsolver/.

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Calc Solver release (minor update)

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Only 3 days after the last release, I’m releasing a minor update of the Calc Solver extension. This release includes the following new additions: Russian translation (contributed from Konstantin Lavrov) German translation (ported from the ooo-build builtin version) Menu integration … Continue reading

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Calc Solver release

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I just released a new version of Calc Solver after more than a year since the last release. A lot of effort has gone into this release mostly to re-package it as a true UNO extension, and also to make … Continue reading

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History of Calc Solver

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I’ve been trying to avoid writing a piece like this simply because if I wrote one, there would be a lot of bitterness involved, and I don’t like to put a blame on anybody. But when I saw a lot … Continue reading

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Constraint parsing bug

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One avid user of my Calc Solver from Belgium found a rather serious, and a little embarrassing bug and brought it to my attention (thank you, Ludovic!). It was the way I convert a constraint formula from the spreadsheet format … Continue reading

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scsolver02 CWS

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Ah, my first CWS. :-) It’s intended for upstreaming the solver code that I’ve been working on for years to the main codebase. There are still many tasks to be completed however, such as writing a spec file and working … Continue reading

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Upstreaming scsolver

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I’m in the process of upstreaming my solver (a.k.a scsolver – its cvs module name) to the OpenOffice.org repository at the moment. So, with everything else put on hold, all my effort is shifting toward making that happen. Typically, any … Continue reading

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Solver new snapshot available

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I’ve uploaded a new snapshot of Solver up on the usual place. The difference from the last snapshot is that the Solver now uses lp_solve as the backend LP optimizer. lp_solve is quite a robust optimizer currently developed and maintained … Continue reading

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