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Windows clipboard dumper

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Inspired by this bug report, I just wrote a small, quick and dirty utility to dump the current clipboard content on Windows. Windows development to me is still pretty much an uncharted territory, so even a utility as simple as … Continue reading

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Strace equivalent for Windows

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While searching for a debug tool equivalent of strace that runs on Windows, I’ve come across Process Monitor. This appears to work well for me. For anyone in search of strace equivalent on Windows, give this one a try. I’ve … Continue reading

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Git on Windows

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I guess I don’t really have to tell the world about this, since if you type the title of this blog post in Google it will come back as the top hit. But it’s still worth mentioning msysgit, a pretty … Continue reading

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Calc Solver release

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I just released a new version of Calc Solver after more than a year since the last release. A lot of effort has gone into this release mostly to re-package it as a true UNO extension, and also to make … Continue reading

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