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Windows clipboard dumper

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Inspired by this bug report, I just wrote a small, quick and dirty utility to dump the current clipboard content on Windows. Windows development to me is still pretty much an uncharted territory, so even a utility as simple as … Continue reading

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OOo module dependencies

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Below is a graphical representation of OOo’s module dependencies as of DEV300 milestone 84 generated via graphviz. Click on the image to get the whole picture. You can find the python script I wrote to generate this nice picture here.

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Strace equivalent for Windows

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While searching for a debug tool equivalent of strace that runs on Windows, I’ve come across Process Monitor. This appears to work well for me. For anyone in search of strace equivalent on Windows, give this one a try. I’ve … Continue reading

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mso-dumper now packaged in OBS

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I’m happy to announce that the mso-dumper tool is now packaged in the openSUSE build service under my home repository. This tool is written in Python, and allows you to dump the contents of MS Office documents stored in the … Continue reading

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Setting break point where an exception is thrown

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Caolan told me today that when debugging with gdb, you can actually set a break point right before an exception is thrown. You can do gdb ./soffice.bin (gdb) catch throw (gdb) rungdb ./soffice.bin (gdb) catch throw (gdb) run and gdb … Continue reading

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I just had the chance to play with Caolan‘s cool callcatcher program to search and destroy (or comment out rather) lots of unused methods in Calc’s code. It was surprisingly simple to install and use it. All I had to … Continue reading

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