Calc Solver release (minor update)

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Only 3 days after the last release, I’m releasing a minor update of the Calc Solver extension. This release includes the following new additions:

  • Russian translation (contributed from Konstantin Lavrov)
  • German translation (ported from the ooo-build builtin version)
  • Menu integration to make it appear in Tools – Solver… below the Goal Seek menu entry (also contributed from Konstantin Lavrov)

I am very grateful to the impressive (and fast!) work that Konstantin did on the Russian translation as well as the menu integration improvement. Thank you, Konstantin! :-)

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3 Responses to Calc Solver release (minor update)

  1. nomu says:

    Thank you.

  2. Mithfindel says:


    This extension looks impressive, but all download links result in 404 errors. Where can I find the .oxt ?

  3. Kohei Yoshida says:


    Sorry about that. I’ve accidentally removed all of my files stored on the server, which included the extension packages. I’ve managed to recover the latest version, so that should probably be the one you were looking for.

    You can download it from here [ ].


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