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OpenCL test documents for Calc

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Some of you have asked me previously whether or not we can share any test documents to demonstrate Calc’s new OpenCL-based formula engine. Thanks to AMD, we can now make available 3 test documents that showcase the performance of the … Continue reading

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Shared formula to reduce memory usage

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This week I have finally finished implementing a true shared formula framework in Calc core which allows Calc to share token array instances between adjacent formula cells if they contain identical set of formula tokens. Since one of the major … Continue reading

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Ixion – threaded formula calculation library

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I spent my entire last week on my personal project, by taking advantage of Novell’s HackWeek. Officially, HackWeek took place two weeks ago, but because I had to travel that week I postponed mine till the following week. Ixion is … Continue reading

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Two more enhancements are in

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Today, I’d like to talk about two minor enhancements I just checked in to ooo-build master. They are not really earth-shuttering per se, but still worth mentioning & may be interesting to some users. Insert new sheet tab Here is … Continue reading

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