Back at work

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After a nice 2-week time off, I’m finally back at work today. It was a good time off; we went ice-skating, fixed an old bookcase (putting new shelves in, staining & finishing etc.), and enjoyed a neighborhood new year’s party. The book I ordered arrived before the break started, so this time off also gave me a good chunk of free time to re-educate myself on the new subject.

Anyhow, let’s start my first work day in 2008.

P.S. Is anyone working today?

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2 Responses to Back at work

  1. I’ve only had 3 days (25, 26 dec and 1 jan) off paid work (in a deli bar making rolls in a major bank), so I haven’t had time to work on ooo or similar.

  2. Kohei Yoshida says:

    Hi Shaun, long time no talk. I hope you had a good new year’s day. :-)

    It was just like that at my previous two jobs (two days off around xmas and the new year’s day). It didn’t feel like much of a break, though.

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