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Speedier export of rich text cells

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Here is another performance improvement that just landed on master. Background It was brought to our attention that the performance of saving documents to ODF spreadsheet format had been degrading quite noticeably. This was especially true when the document contained … Continue reading

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Shared formula to reduce memory usage

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This week I have finally finished implementing a true shared formula framework in Calc core which allows Calc to share token array instances between adjacent formula cells if they contain identical set of formula tokens. Since one of the major … Continue reading

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Open Source Conference 2013 in Tokyo

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I had the pleasure to visit the Open Source Conference (OSC) 2013 in Tokyo, which took place at Meisei University located on the outskirt of Tokyo. They do organize these OSC’s on a very frequent basis throughout the year, being … Continue reading

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Slides for my talks at OSC Tokyo 2013

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I’ve just uploaded the slides for the two short talks I did at Open Source Conference (OSC) Tokyo. The first one is the brief talk I did after the OSS Contributor Award ceremony on Friday. This is saved as a … Continue reading

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Orcus integration into LibreOffice

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Last week was SUSE Hack Week, where we SUSE engineers were encouraged to be creative and work on whatever project that we had been dying to work on. Given this opportunity, I decided to try integrating my orcus library project … Continue reading

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mdds::multi_type_vector explained

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As my previous post just mentioned, mdds 0.6.0 is finally released which contains two new data structures: multi_type_vector and multi_type_matrix. I’d like to explain a little more about multi_type_vector in this post because, of all the data structures I’ve added … Continue reading

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What goes on when loading a file.

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I just had an opportunity to spend some time reading and analyzing what actually takes place when you do a mundane thing like opening a file. If you are a user, you wouldn’t think much when opening a new document. … Continue reading

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Performance improvement in opening ODS documents

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I have great news to share with you. Calc’s ODS import filter in 3.5 should be substantially faster when you have documents with a large number of named ranges. Read on if you want to know more details. What happened? … Continue reading

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Redesigned autofilter popup

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I’m happy to announce that I’ve managed to squeeze this new feature in just in time for the 3.5 code freeze. What’s new? As I’ve mentioned briefly in G+, I’ve been working on brushing up the age-old autofilter popup window … Continue reading

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LibreOffice Conference 2011

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So, it was a real pleasure to be a part of the very first LibreOffice conference held in Paris, France. Some of the faces and names were familiar from the old OOo conferences, but the atmosphere of the conference was … Continue reading

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