Solver update (rev. 86)

Ok. I’ve done a new snapshot (rev. 86). This time it supports saving and loading of a model with a current document, which should help those who are interested in testing it do repeat-testing on the same optimization models (that’s usually the case). Plus it’s simply more convenient to not have to define same models time and time again. Now, that can be a pain!

As for the slow execution of inverse matrix computation that I discussed in my previous blog entry, I did a minor, very simple performance tweak which fortunately resulted in a pretty darn good improvement on sparse matrices (i.e. matrices with many zero elements). But for the real fix I still need a new algorithm. Hopefully the new book I’ve ordered (it’s on its way from will help me toward finding a fix. Maho-san told me that, that surprisingly slow algorithm that’s in my code right now is called Cramer’s formula. Well, good to know its name…

I should also mention this: someone has given me a licensed copy of Microsoft Visual Studio 2003 (thank you Brandon!). Now I need to find a reasonably-capable Windows machine so that I can set it up and play around and eventually release a Windows binary package.