Flying to Shanghai for Vacation

I’ll be flying out to Shanghai for vacation, and be there until June 24th. I’ll be back on the 25th. I’ll be checking emails intermittently, though I’m still not sure if I can use my laptop (purchased in the US) there. I hope I can.

2 thoughts on “Flying to Shanghai for Vacation”

  1. Hope this catches you before you leave but you need a voltage converter unless you are going to use battery only. They have hot spots all over Shanghai but as you know, or i hope you do about the restrictions. Better be safe than sorry so check with the local place you are staying at about internet restrictions.


  2. Hi PeterPac,

    Thanks for your advice! As it turns out my laptop’s adapter can handle variable voltage (100 – 240V and China uses 220V), so I am able to use my laptop without problems (as I’m writing this from my laptop). It’s also convenient that you can use US electronics without needing an adapter because the electric outlets in China can already receive US-shaped plugs.

    I’m aware of China’s internet restrictions, but so far I am not affected. I hope it stays that way until the end of my trip. :-)


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