Hiding data from chart

Here is something new in ooo-build trunk. You can now hide arbitrary data points in chart if their source cells are hidden in a spreadsheet document. Here is the proof:

There is now a new check box in the Data Series Option page, to select whether or not to plot data from hidden cells. By default, chart plots all data points regardless of cell’s visibility (which means the check box is on by default). By un-selecting the check box, the chart now only plots data from visible cells, and every time you show or hide a part of the source data range, the chart gets updated.

The upstreaming effort is underway in the koheichart01 CWS. I’m trying to squeeze this into 3.1, but because of the limited availability of QA resource, it might likely slip into 3.2. I’m still trying to find someone who can QA my CWS, but let’s see what happens.

2 thoughts on “Hiding data from chart”

  1. The missing value thingy is also new or do I oversee it here (OOo 3.0).

    BTW, cool feature you implemented there. Hope somebody from the QA will take it.

  2. @James D.

    The missing value thingy is indeed new in 3.1 that Ingrid Halama implemented. I synchronized my hidden data feature with her missing value feature since the UI bits of these two features share the same space.

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