Allergic reaction to Bananas?

Today I went to see my dentist to do my routine teeth cleaning done. In their office, I was asked to fill out a medical history form since my current form was 4 years old. On this form, you are asked to answer questions such as “have you ever had heart attack?”, “are you taking any medications?”, that sort of stuff. Nothing unusual right? However, one question caught my eye, and I can’t believe what I was asked to answer.

Do you have any allergic reaction to Bananas?

Yes, the word Bananas was capitalized for some reason. I asked my dentist right away for clarification (while trying to hold my laugh), but she was not exactly sure what the question was supposed to mean. She even said she couldn’t believe that question was even on that form! ;-)

But the story didn’t end there. Later, she asked another dentist and asked her opinion. While they had a pretty lengthy discussion going back and forth, she too was not able to come up with a reasonable explanation for the significance of the question.

Does anyone out there with enough medical knowledge know why they need to ask that question, and how is that relevant to dentistry?

P.S. A quick google search has come up with this explanation.