Inserting current date and time in one step

Here is another simple feature that may come in handy.

With the change I just checked into ooo-build master, you can now insert current date and time with just one key stroke. By default, Ctrl+; (semicolon) is bound to current date, while Ctrl+Shift+; is bound to current time. But these key bindings are configurable in case you don’t like these default bindings.

5 thoughts on “Inserting current date and time in one step”

  1. Once again, a very relevant improvement from ux point of view.
    Thanks (and let’s pray that it gets upstreamed quickly ;-) )

  2. At what point will this change be incorporated in an OO release? It is a very handy feature that I use in Excel daily.

        1. Many thanks for this patch! Works great! I hope users will see your post, as there seem to be quite a few OO users who desire it.

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