Strace equivalent for Windows

While searching for a debug tool equivalent of strace that runs on Windows, I’ve come across Process Monitor. This appears to work well for me. For anyone in search of strace equivalent on Windows, give this one a try.

I’ve also tried StraceNT, but this one was not very reliable as it tends to crash the traced process almost every time.

An equally useful tool for debugging on Windows is DebugView, which captures output from the OutputDebugString calls.

4 thoughts on “Strace equivalent for Windows”

    1. Hi Goran,

      Just launch the procmon.exe which is all you have to do.

      Then, you need to filter the output by the process name. Go to Filter -> Filter, and choose to filter the output by process name (e.g. ‘soffice.bin’ for the OOo process).

      Process Monitor shows *all* activities of *all* processes, so it’s equivalent of running strace on all processes at the same time.

  1. Kohei,

    for people wanting to understand what happens at the very launch of OOo using that, you can do that:

    set PM=C:\sysint\procmon.exe
    start %PM% /quiet /minimized /backingfile C:\temp\soffice.pml
    %PM% /waitforidle
    %PM% /terminate

    I found that in some document but I don’t remember where.

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