New LibreOffice build eye-candy

This is cool.

When you build LibreOffice straight from the master repository, and you build it in the GNOME environment, you’ll get a nice little systray thingie with up-to-date build status information.


And this is what you get when your build happens to fail.


When you are lucky enough to have a successful build, here is what you see.


I don’t know who added this , but it sure is a nice one. :-)

Update: this is the result of the fine work done by Luke Dixon.

4 thoughts on “New LibreOffice build eye-candy”

  1. I did this. It was the first easy hack I did. It was lots of fun, but it would be better if someone could pick a better icon to use. Unfortunately I’m a terrible artist and I couldn’t decide on any of the existing icons (though I was tempted to use the space ship from the hidden game).

    1. Hi Luke,

      Thanks for letting me know. I’ve updated my post to include proper attribution.

      1. Thank You Kohei.

        Of course I must thank Michael Meeks and Jesús Corrius who fixed the problems I caused with this patch.

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