Last day

Today is my last day with Collabora, and also my last day as a full-time engineer working on the LibreOffice (and formerly code base. It’s been 8 long years of adventure. Lots of things happened, and we’ve achieved great many things. I’m certainly very proud of having been a part of it.

From this point on, I’ll participate the project purely as a volunteer. I have not yet figured out what I want to do nor how much I can do, and figuring that out will probably be my first task as a newly volunteer contributor.

Thank you for being patient with me in the last 8 years. You guys have been great, and, even though I’ll have much less time to devote to LibreOffice going forward, I still hope to see you guys around from time to time!

14 thoughts on “Last day”

  1. Thanks for all your hard work, and for being a great guy to hang out with on the occasions we have met in person!

  2. Dear Kohei,

    thanks so much for the outstanding things you were doing, and for all your enthusiasm and perseverence – you pushed especially Calc far beyond any conceivable limits.

    I look forward to see you around as a volunteer, not the least to pick you brain a bit. All the very best in your new endeavours, and a lot of fun!

  3. On the contrary, thank you for being such a passionate contributor and for driving this project forward. My best wishes to you on your next endeavors!

  4. Thanks for all the great work pushing Calc forward and hope you the best in your next journey.

  5. I hope you don’t tell us that you’ll join Microsoft’s Excel team, as they are getting more and more afraid of LibreOffice Calc’s engine after all improvements in the last years. In any case, I wish you a great new endeavor!

    P.S. In one of the comments of an older blog entry, you have written that you are quite clear about the refactoring of Calc in order to increase the number of columns beyond 1024. I hope you’ll pass this knowledge over to other developers or – maybe – this is your pet project ;-)

  6. Very best wishes with whatever you are doing next, your tips etc. on Calc functionality have been invaluable, I hope you can still provide some guidence to the products going forward.

  7. Hi Kohei,

    Two time sorry from my side. One sorry to see you leave. And another sorry for sometimes being on of those little annoyances with requests and ideas ;) But I hope for you the positive things and joy of working together in one community outweigh that by far. For me it does for sure.
    I wish you all pleasure and succes with your new work and look forward to meet whenever that may happen!
    And thanks for all the great work of course :)

  8. Hi Kohei,

    I take this opportunity to thank you for all your tremendous work in OOo and LibO. I remember all your struggle to introduce solver functionality in Calc, and many more good things you did.
    Bon voyage!

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