Ixion 0.11.0

Version 0.11.0 of the Ixion library has been just released. You can download it from the project’s home page.

Here is the full list of changes since 0.9.1.

  • C++11 is a hard requirement.
  • implement R1C1 formula name resolver.
  • remove boost dependency from the public headers (except for boost::thread).
  • fix incorrect life-cycle management of pooled string instances.
  • make it buildable on OSX.
  • other general code cleanups.
  • python
    • correctly catch and translate general_error into python’s, for Document.append_sheet() method.
    • make python module build configurable.
    • add ixion.column_label() to convert numeric column indices into column labels. A1 and R1C1 are supported.

5 thoughts on “Ixion 0.11.0”

  1. Because with lpod-python you can manipulate easily manipulate ODF spreadsheets, but you have to handle the calculation of formulas manually. Looking at ixion’s python bindings, I thought that it could be possible to automate this part.

    1. Gotcha. Yeah that would make sense. I can see how ixion’s python binding can be used from Ipod in such use cases. Thanks for your suggestion!

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