Upstreaming scsolver

I’m in the process of upstreaming my solver (a.k.a scsolver – its cvs module name) to the repository at the moment. So, with everything else put on hold, all my effort is shifting toward making that happen.

Typically, any new code to the OO.o is upstreamed via a process known as the child work space (CWS), which is basically a front-end to the CVS repository (soon to be SVN’ed, I suppose? ;-) ) designed to ease the management of source control from different parties, including external contributors such as myself.

But CWS can be a bit intimidating and confusing to the un-initiated. For instance, it took me a great deal of trouble to figure out how to add new top-level modules. All sorts of emails went back and forth, and in the end, thanks especially to Petr, I was able to at least add new stub modules directories in cvs HEAD, and filed an issue to have the right person (Jens?) add cvs alias to those modules so that they can be checked out for further work.

Also, because my code has dependency on lp_solve, which itself is an external project, the right steps needed to be taken as outlined in the external project page to make sure that we are complying with the license of that particular software. Not sure how long this process will take, but at least I did my part (or did I?).

Anyway, things are moving along. :-) Michael was kind enough to create a new cws for me, so hopefully once those modules get aliased for checkout I’ll be able to start working on putting my code in that cws.

Oh yeah, also not to forget that patch for lpsolve that maho wants to commit. ;-)