scsolver02 CWS

Ah, my first CWS. :-) It’s intended for upstreaming the solver code that I’ve been working on for years to the main codebase.

There are still many tasks to be completed however, such as writing a spec file and working out build integration details. Now, that‘s taking more time than actually writing code (exaggerated of course, but it feels that way). The main issue at the moment is how to conditionally show the solver menu item, since it makes no sense to show this menu when the solver is not enabled at build time.
I’m also having a weird problem with the spec file template. Reading through the Basic code indicates that I’m supposed to have additional file called autotext placed in order to design UI? Two hard-coded URLs are found in the code, but neither URLs seem to work. Hmm…

This much has been done so far:

  • created two new modules lpsolve and scsolver and populated them.
  • made a new configure option –enable-scsolver, which is disabled by default.
  • ran build tests three times to make sure it builds, with or without –enable-scsolver.