mdds 0.7.1 released

Ok. I’m actually a bit late on this announcement since 10 days have already passed since the actual release of 0.7.1. Anyhow, I will hereby announce that version 0.7.1 of Multi-Dimensional Data Structure (mdds) is out, which contains several critical bug fixes over the previous 0.7.0 release. You can download the source package from here:

0.7.1 fixes several bugs in the set_empty() method of multi_type_vector. In the previous versions, the set_empty() method would fail to merge two adjacent empty blocks into a single block, which violated the basic requirement of multi_type_vector that it never allows two adjacent blocks of identical type. This caused other parts of multi_type_vector to fail as a result.

There are no API-incompatible changes since version 0.7.0. I highly recommend you update to 0.7.1 if you make heavy use of multi_type_vector and still use any versions older than 0.7.1.