Hack Week: Helping make OO.o’s dialog resizable

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So, this is day one for Novell’s Hack Week. This week, we, Novell hackers, are allowed to work on whatever project we like. And I chose to work on making VCL dialog resizable.

Michael Meeks already did the ground work, and all I’m trying to do is to do what I can in one week to expand on his work. This is also one of on-going GSoC tasks, so I’m also co-ordinating with the student who’s been assigned to work on this (his name is Ricardo Cruz) so that we won’t step on each other’s toes.

Here is what I did today. I added a wrapper code for a list box control so that I can actually use it in my resizable dialog and add items to it. Let’s show some screenshots here.

OO.o resizable dialog demo (small)

OO.o resizable dialog demo (large)

I posted two shots of the same, but differently-sized dialog just to show that it’s resizable. Pretty cool, huh? :-)

Oh, BTW, since I’m away from my normal business this week, I won’t be working on the OOXML filter. I’ll be back on my regular schedule on next Monday.

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8 Responses to Hack Week: Helping make OO.o’s dialog resizable

  1. KAMI says:

    Resizable dialog box is one of the most signicant UI enhacement since 2.0. There are lots of dialog that can’t be effective without this functionality. I hope you can find enough resource to finsh it, and It may be the part of 2.4 :oD

  2. There’s no resize handle on the bottom right, so it doesn’t look like it is resizeable.

  3. Kami says:

    Resizeable dialogs is an useful enhancement. Lots of dialogs scream for bigger or changable size. I hope you will success with this task and we can see the “enhanced experience” in 2.4.
    Thank you,

  4. Dave Richards says:

    This is a huge help. One of the worst dialogs is the one in Writer for entering notes. It comes up with a multi-line text widget. This window does not resize, and to make it worse does not word wrap or spell check!

  5. Mathias Bauer says:

    The notes dialog will disappear completely soon. :-)

  6. OpenOffice finally has resizable dialogs?
    Microsoft Office has had that for decades!

  7. kohei.yoshida says:

    Are you really Steve Ballmer? Your network address (87-194-115-69.bethere.co.uk) originates from the UK.

  8. kohei.yoshida says:

    Shaun, this is still an early prototype, so there is a lot of things that just don’t work. I’m sure we’ll add a resizable handle once we are in the polishing phase.

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