Hack Week: Day 5 (Friday) – The last day

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Well, today was the last day of Hack Week, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to squish the remaining 20% unconverted resource files like I planned to do yesterday. I squished only 5%. This brings my conversion success rate from yesterday’s 80% to 85%. I’m pretty happy with this result, however, considering that some of those resource files I tried to convert are not even dialog resource files.

Here is what I did today:

  • Fixed incorrect expansion of preprocessing macros. It just didn’t do the right thing when performing recursive macro expansion. This time I really got it right, but it consumed the majority of today’s hacking time. :-(
  • Reworked my expression evaluation code to fully support the reverse Polish notation (RPN). The absence of this feature caused a parse failure on some files because the position and the size of some widgets are given as a mathematical expression (e.g. (24 + 10)/2) instead of a single number. I got the RPN parser to work, but then I realized that I could have just used Python’s builtin eval function to evaluate a whole expression in one step. Well, duh! I learned how to code the RPN builder to evaluate an expression, though, which was fun exercise.

So, this concludes this week’s Novell Hack Week event. It was certainly fun, although I couldn’t do everything I wanted to do. I’ll be back to my normal hacking activities on next Monday.

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