Fetching tarball before the build

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I just rebased one of my upstream child work spaces to milestone 77 (DEV300_m77), and noticed my build breaking all over the place due to missing patches for external libraries. After some digging, here is the step I was missing.

./fetch_tarballs.sh ooo.lst

which apparently downloads a whole bunch of external source packages from http://hg.services.openoffice.org/binaries that the build depends on, and places them into their respective location within the source tree. After this was done, my build proceeded normally.

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2 Responses to Fetching tarball before the build

  1. Actually this is also called by the bootstrap script. I had the same surprise: it takes ages to download the first time…

    • Kohei Yoshida says:

      Ah ok. I was wondering why this was not automated, but I guess it is.

      My bootstrap didn’t fetch the packages for some reason, though…

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