New LibreOffice build eye-candy

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This is cool.

When you build LibreOffice straight from the master repository, and you build it in the GNOME environment, you’ll get a nice little systray thingie with up-to-date build status information.


And this is what you get when your build happens to fail.


When you are lucky enough to have a successful build, here is what you see.


I don’t know who added this , but it sure is a nice one. :-)

Update: this is the result of the fine work done by Luke Dixon.

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4 Responses to New LibreOffice build eye-candy

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  2. Luke Dixon says:

    I did this. It was the first easy hack I did. It was lots of fun, but it would be better if someone could pick a better icon to use. Unfortunately I’m a terrible artist and I couldn’t decide on any of the existing icons (though I was tempted to use the space ship from the hidden game).

    • Kohei Yoshida says:

      Hi Luke,

      Thanks for letting me know. I’ve updated my post to include proper attribution.

      • Luke Dixon says:

        Thank You Kohei.

        Of course I must thank Michael Meeks and Jesús Corrius who fixed the problems I caused with this patch.

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