mdds 0.6.0 released

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I’m once again very happy to announce that version 0.6.0 of Multi-Dimensional Data Structure (mdds) is released and is available at the link below:

This release comes almost 9 months after the release of the last stable version 0.5.4, and contains:

  • MSVC project files to allow managing source files and compile test programs in Visual Studio on Windows,
  • improved performance of size() method of mixed_type_matrix (patch from Markus Mohrhard), and
  • two new data structures: multi_type_vector and multi_type_matrix.

Also, starting with this release, mixed_type_matrix is deprecated, and is subject to deletion in future releases.

Other than one change made to mixed_type_matrix, there are no changes made to any of the other existing data structures. So, if you still use 0.5.4 and don’t use mixed_type_matrix, and don’t need to use the new data structures added to 0.6.0, there is no reason to upgrade to 0.6.0.

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