LibreOffice Development Talk at Triangle C++ Developer’s Group

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It was a pleasure to have been given an opportunity to talk about LibreOffice development the other day at the Triangle C++ Developer’s Group. Looking back, what we went through was a mixture of hardship, accomplishments, and learning experience intertwined in such a unique fashion. It was great to be able to talk about it and hopefully it was entertaining enough to those of you who decided to show up to my talk.

Here is a link to the slides I used during my talk.

Thanks again, everyone!

Edit: Here is a PDF version of my slides for those of you who don’t have a program that can open odp files.

About Kohei Yoshida

LibreOffice hacker, spreadsheet nerd, and machine learning beginner.
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5 Responses to LibreOffice Development Talk at Triangle C++ Developer’s Group

  1. Dong Chen says:

    Can you provide a pdf version of your presentation? It is hard for me to open the Open Office .odp file. Should I first unzip it into a folder?

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