Some minor enhancement with DataPilot

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Just checked into the master branch of go-oo repository (oh BTW we just switched our repository from svn on to git on is a minor enhancement in DataPilot, to allow the users to filter results by field members directly from the field buttons in the table output. The following screenshot will tell you the change I just made:

The new field buttons also provide visual feedback on fields that are filtered; the same way the autofilter buttons already do. This way it’s visually obvious to the users which fields are currently filtered.

I call this a “minor” enhancement, simply because it doesn’t provide a new functionality per se; the same filtering functionality was already present but hidden deep beneath multiple layers of dialogs. You needed to go from the datapilot layout dialog (the main dialog), open up the field dialog for the field you want to filter results by, and then finally the field options dialog to get to the Hide items list in that dialog. This enhancement will push that functionality up-front and make it more accessible to the users, along with some visual feedback.

Anyway, this one made it into 3.1, so testing and feedback is greatly appreciated. :-)

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2 Responses to Some minor enhancement with DataPilot

  1. Bidouille says:


    When you says “go-oo repository”, you do not submit this enhancement to OOo?

  2. Kohei Yoshida says:

    Well, nearly all of my enhancements are submitted into the upstream OOo, and this one is no exception. Here is the upstream IZ page for this:

    So, I’m hoping eventually this will make it into the upstream version. But I’d like to sort out any kinks & add more stuff while it’s in go-oo.

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